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Aperto da Hyip Council, 04 aprile 2013, 00:45:00

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Hyip Council

CitazioneBefore considering any investment offer it is necessary to always find out more information about the company that is offering you that or another kind of interest or return on investment. Ever heard of KYC? It actually stands for Know Your Customer, but in our case let's do Know Your Company. Sounds fun and obviously makes more sense.

INVESTIFIELD Limited is a financial company incorporated in the United Kingdom with the registration number 08372580.

Piani di Investmento:

IF Novice: 2% Giornaliero per 30 Giorni di calendario. Min: $10-Max: $10,000. Principale restituito dopo 30 giorni. Compounding disponibile.
IF Optimum: 2.5% Giornaliero per 60 Giorni di calendario. Min: $500 - Max: $50,000. Principale restituito dopo 60 giorni. Compounding disponibile.
IF Superior: 3% Giornaliero per 90 Giorni di calendario. Min: $1000 - Max: $100,000. Principale restituito dopo 90 giorni. Compounding disponibile.

Tre Livelli di Referral Commission: 5-2-1% - Ritiro istantaneo fino a $500 - Accetta EP, STP, LR, PM
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