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Traffic Value is ESSENTIAL to the success of every business!

Let's say you are going to build a coffee shop. Where do you locate your business?

SCENARIO 1: The middle of nowhere. Next to nobody passing by.
No hope of selling much coffee, regardless of how great your coffee is!

SCENARIO 2: The middle of Times Square, New York. Millions of people walking by every day.
Regardless of how good/bad your coffee (product), you going to sell a lot of it!
There are two points to take from this;
1. Traffic Value is hugely valuable. So valuable that back in 2005, YouTube, a loss making business at the time, was purchased by Google for $1.65billon, just because it had a lot of traffic! And Facebook, a free to use website, is about to IPO for as much as $100billon. For no other reason than a whole lot of traffic!

2. Traffic Value plays as much a part in the success of a business, as the product itself. Therefore, if you have amazing traffic value. It doesn't matter how lousy your product is, it's going to be a very straight forward success.