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Goldshell announced new models of ASIC miners: HS5, LT5, KD5 and KD2

Aperto da minergoldshell, 17 Maggio 2021, 14:47:43

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The Goldshell company appeared on the ASIC miner market quite recently, but thanks to the successful Handshake models, ASIC miners HS1 and HS3 and Scrypt ASIC X6 have already gained popularity among miners. Recently, to its already not small assortment, the company announced new models of ASIC miners for the Scrypt (Litecoin, Dogecoin), Handshake (handshake), Blake2b (siacoin), Kadena (Kadena) algorithms. Among the new products, it is worth noting ASICs for the Kadena algorithm (KD2 and KD5), as well as a new generation of handshake ASICs HS5, which received support for the second Blake2b algorithm, with which you can also mine the Siacoin cryptocurrency.


To place an order or find out more accurate information on new products, visit https://goldshell.tech



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