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Absolute.Fund | 1.1% Daily

Aperto da Filiya Network, 18 Marzo 2019, 14:32:15

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One of the disturbing questions today is "How to stop surviving and start enjoying the life?". In an attempt to create a better future for loved ones, we tend to overcome ourselves, save every earned dollar and restrain from living a full life. But in today's cruel world, honest work is valued less than it should be, making path to the dream more complicated.

Corporations now reign, and they're overflown with greed. They operate by the same outdated methods of XX century: instead of creating better environment for employees, they focus on extracting the most revenue for private investors. Amazon can serve as a great example. Their inhumane policies have led to widespread protests and warehouses going out of production.

There's no wonder why more people consider investments a better way to improve their financial life.
Investment, at its heart, is trading of your money today for a lot more money in the future. You can invest in almost anything: from real estate and government bonds to vintage cars and various art objects. However, when purchasing assets, one need to understand the market and how it works in order to gain profits.
There are people, who are afraid of the market. One common approach for them is going along with banks and depositing money there. That is a common mistake, since banks would usually leave a tiny shaving of the profits for clients.

The right way to combat the financial system taking advantage of you is alternative investing, specifically active asset management firms or hedge funds. Created in 1949, this kind of funds utilized investing innovation now referred to as the classic long/short equities model and soon outperformed most mutual funds. However, with a minimum initial investment of over $100,000, they are only open to "accredited" investors.
At some point, this "exclusivity" created demand for an accessible asset management firm, one that would satisfy each client with unique solution. A rare case in the world of investment, there is a company with such outlook on the world. Absolute have caught my attention and they seem to get it right.

First of all, Absolute is an active asset management firm, meaning that fund's portfolio is managed by a team of specialists. Absolute relies on their analytical research, forecasts and experience in making investment decisions on what securities to buy, hold and sell. Initially established by a group of skillful and experienced investors, company tends to create healthy environment for their staff, attracting talents from all over the world and providing them with everything necessary to make an impact on the market.

Absolute utilizes modern technologies and analysis to minimize the risks and create the most appealing opportunities for every investor. Company's investment focus lies in two sectors: Information Technology, and Industry and Manufacturing. This is a smart move, while IT usually helps enhance investment solutions, industrial sector remains the best option for long-term assets.

The main reason I got interested in Absolute, is their unique stance on being accessible to any investor. The minimum initial investment is only $20, what seems unbelievable. Such a low fee was made possible by creating a single investment plan for everybody with a validity period of 180 days and 1.1% interest per day.

But more than that, Absolute has an optional reward program, where you can raise the profits by building your own network of investors. With 8 levels of interconnection, you can start with 8% and get up to 17% of bonuses, which is a pretty generous chunk as for me. Overall, bonus ladder looks like this:
Level 1 — 8%
Level 2 — 3%
Level 3 — 2%
Level 4 — 1%
Level 5 — 1%
Level 6 — 1%
Level 7 — 0.5%
Level 8 — 0.5%

And the best part is you don't need to invite everyone yourself, because you'll still be getting percentage from their structure.

I about Absolut

Would I recommend Absolute?
Absolutely! This is a unique opportunity for every individual to start a journey through the world of investment, and the timing is perfect.

Would I invest in Absolute?
Yes, and I already did! My plan expires soon, so the only question left is how much I'm gonna reinvest.

Details about the company:

Contact with me: filiyablog@gmail.com
Register: https://absolute.fund/ref/52198663

Filiya Network

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