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AceGoldInvest - acegoldinvest.com

Aperto da Hyip Council, 29 Novembre 2012, 14:24:55

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Hyip Council

CitazioneWelcome To Acegold investment

Ace Gold Investment Ltd was establish in 2005 by a group of qualified traders, expert and skilled financial analyst in the Global exchange market, our expertise is in the areas of Global Stock, bonds, currencies trading and our main focus on Commodities (Gold & Silver). etc. With more than 7 years in gaining experience in investing and commodity trading, Ace Gold Invest decided to incooperate an investment firm online besides their trading in order to accept investment funds from members participation in the financial market within a safe and non-risk investment environment for currency trading and investment that will guarantee safe returns. Ace Gold Invest.com is legally registered as a private investment entity and duly authorize to accept and manage funds from client all over the world. Our aim is to make as much earning as possible from the Foreign exchange market for all our investors and to build a stable financial network for our company world wide. Rightnow if you are thinking of making a stable and guaranteed income, then you must consider Ace Gold invest Ltd as your trusted and reliable investment broker to guarantee you a dependable income for life, as we are here to stay. Our entire team of professionals strives to ensure that every investor/client achieve remarkable success and landmark growth, because our clients satisfaction is always our goal. Recently Ace Gold Invest.com started expanding its customers circle and increasing capital through offering investment opportunities to lots of internet users worldwide that are interested in financial decision that will enhance their income for life. Even if you are a novice, our easy to use web platform will enable you chose any investment plan that suit you and will bring you maximum return/profit with no risk attached, as all funds are insure by bank guarantee. Join hands with Ace Gold Invest.com and we will make sure that you make smart investment decision to gain lucrative returns and investment opportunity that will enable you make good profit within a shorter duration...[/i]

Inizio: 26 novembre 2012

Piano di avviamento (fino a 1,5% al giorno per 30-75 giorni)
Piano 1: $10-$ 999, 30 giorni, ogni giorno, all'1,2% ROI 136%
Piano 2: $10-$ 999, 75 giorni, 1,5% al giorno, ROI % 212,5

Piano Business (fino a 1,8% al giorno per 30-75 giorni)
Piano 3: $1.000-$ 4.999, 30 giorni 1,4% giornaliero, ROI % 142
Piano 4: $1.000-$ 4.999, 75 giorni 1,8% al giorno, ROI % 235

Piano Professional (fino a 265% dopo 75 giorni)
Piano 5: $5.000-$ 50.000, 30 giorni, 1,8% al giorno, ROI % 254
Piano 6: $5.000-$ 50.000, 75 giorni, 2.2% giornaliero, ROI % 265

Periodo d'investimento, 30-75 giorni di calendario (7 giorni a settimana)
Principal ritorna alla fine del periodo di investimento

Liberty Reserve e Perfect Money accettate
6% di Commissione di rwewrral

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