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KeepFund - Keepfund.com

Aperto da Hyip Council, 26 Ottobre 2012, 17:34:15

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Hyip Council

CitazioneCreated for...
KeepFund is created for those who want to improve their financial condition, but do not have economic education and are not the financial experts. Our team has been working in a sphere of FOREX trading for 8 years (3 months to 9 years) and during this time has achieved a very good results and stable income.
No Ponzi Scheme...
Important: We are not a ponzi scheme, because we don't rely on new investors to pay our members. Also, and though we offer a few consistent investment plans, we are constantly changing and looking for the best possible scenario, always with our members' interests in mind. , we hate about Ponzi Scheme projects!

We believe that success of our business depends on right combination of professional safe investments process and conservative risk management on one hand and managers' abilities on the other. That is why recruitment of the best professionals is one of the most important constituents of our activity.

We believe that success of our business consist in the ability to quickly respond to all the investment market changes – to create new products, to generate alternative ideas, to discover vacant niches which have considerable potential for growth and profit.

Our Benefits...
• Automatic and Secure script
• High profitable returns
• Directly payouts to account
• LR, PM and AP accepted
• 5% Referral Commission
• Customers privacy protection
• 24/7 friendly support
• We support 7 phone numbers
• No hidden/administration fee[/b]

Quattro livelli di piani
Level 1: $5-$500 2.0% giorno 80 giorni lavorativi
Level 2: $501-$1,000 2.5% giorno 80 giorni lavorativi
Level 3: $1,001-$8,000 3.0% giorno 80 giorni lavorativi
Level 4: $8,001-N/A 4.0% giorno 80 giorni lavorativi

Accetta: LR, PM and AP
Commissioni di Referral: 5%


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Hyip Council

Keepfund.com è listato su qualche monitors adesso. Io avevo già fatto un deposito.

Hyip Council

Paid instantly every day!

Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 121614676
Date: 11/26/2012 9:56 PM From Account: U3336488 (keepfund.com)


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