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V-finance - V-finance.net

Aperto da Hyip Council, 31 Gennaio 2013, 23:30:52

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Hyip Council


What we do

We consistently have challenging objectives to help encourage further development. We look into new sectors and areas for financial business and always learn new strategies to help with trading and investment. These new strategies and sectors are available for old and new investors. We strive to offer the most effective and advanced technology for trading for all our clients. We always work towards offering a high quality performs that are genuine, competitive services and an excellent experience and support for all. V-Finance helps clients to take advantage of many new investment opportunities and diversify their portfolio.
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What we offer

It doesn't matter where someone lives, there is always a search for reliable investing and a secure option for their money. V-Finance is a leading business around the world for investment and trading and offers advice in the areas of investment and finance, while offering innovative methods and an excellent track record. V-Finance offers a number of different services financially for clients around the world and has successfully operated since 2007. We are proud of the experienced and professional team that has helped V-Finance research new investment and financial strategies, offer reliable models and offer the most cost-effective alternatives to help lower the risks of making investments.

Why opt for V-Finance

Trust is important and you need to have trust in us. The program has been created by our team and we are proud of everything we have accomplished. We invite all those with financial goals and who want lucrative investments to join us and use our system. We have had many clients praise our reliability, honesty and discipline in dealing with the investment market. The program we offer is user-friendly and perfect for all types of investors, experienced or novices. Our support team is constantly available and helps offer tips and advice to members so that they can become more successful in their financial planning. No goal is too high when there is the support available, whether you want a small or a large investment. We offer a number of options so that everyone finds something that they can afford and invest in; this offers more chance of success. Just take a minute to trust V-Finance and you will soon see your finances soar.

Why V-Finance?

    5% affiliate program
    Secure members area
    Custom-made exclusive script
    Powerful DDoS protection
    Secured by COMODO SSL

Piano VF1
6% al giorno per 24 giorni
Min: $ 10 Max: $ 500
Ritorno totale: 144%
*Principal è incluso nei profitti giornalieri

Piano VF2
6% al giorno per 25 giorni
Min: $ 501  Max: $ 2.500
Ritorno totale: 150%
*Principal è incluso nei profitti giornalieri

Piano VF3
6% al giorno per 26 giorni
Min: $ 2.501 Max: $ 25.000
Ritorno totale: 156%
*Principal è incluso nei profitti giornalieri

Accetta: EgoPay, PexPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay
Referral: 5%[/B]

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Percentuali di guadagno troppo alte mi pare per periodi molto brevi...credo non durerà molto.....


Come avevo preannunciato il sito ha chiuso da un pò


Sito non pagante lo sposto in SCAM